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Birzebbuga, Malta
This is a New Blog to show what there is above and below the Little rock in the Med.. I am not a professional photographer, I just like taking pictures and showing people what its like here.

Monday, 14 July 2008

A BBQ with our friends

Some Pic's here of Birzebugga Beach when we were all enjoying a nice BBQ.

Great people and GREAT FRIENDS !!

Yes, the Children were still playing in the Sea at Midnight.....


Well, here we are, the first post for our blog.

Just made this for family and friends to see what we are upto, where we are in the world and how everything is going.

After just spending a week in malta sorting out our old apartment, and trying to sort out the new one, we are exhausted.... yes sounds really nice going to Malta for a week, but with temperatures in the 35 to 36 degrees and running all around the place to get things sorted it is hard work. But the evening make up for it.... nice cold bottles of Cisk for me and Cointreau for Tina.

Managed to get everything sorted we needed to and back out there at the middle of september to get the final part done and move into the new place :)

Anyway back in the UK now and got to keep working to pay the bills and dream of the time when ....

Tina & Jules